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I was planning on staring blankly at the open browser until some stroke of genius hits me and I come up with a witty first post to lure you into reading my blog regularly. Alas, no dice so might as well get on with the rest of the show.

Another blog! Mon meilleur ami would probably laugh and comment on my short attention span in blog-sustenance.  I keep two other blogs, but I wanted (needed) a less specialized one so here. Welcome to my new trash bin (or file cabinet, if you’re into the whole euphemism business)! Here I will post general brain fart which includes (but is not limited to): musical findings, social or political musings, occasional reviews, photos I took, et cetera. Blah, blah. Obligatory paragraph about the details of the blog ends here. Now for a better use of internet space.

This week has been a whirlwind of disaster. Unless you’re one of those people who practice the life of a hermit (or live under boulders), then you probably know about the Quirino Grand Stand hostage-taking situation. Criticism here and there, people blaming everyone – same old story. I don’t really want to comment on the incident per se ’cause everything has been said. Even Jackie Chan put his two cents in on the whole ordeal.

For a recovering misanthrope, situations like this popping up so close to home (literally) incite so much disgust that it’s difficult to not return to the old ways of cynicism. The irony of this was that as I was listening to the news coverage of the event, I was reading about Aristotle and Cicero and those classical philosophers who claimed that societies aimed for a common good. I wonder what they would say if they were here now.

There’s no use denying that when situations like this happen, people end up having a little less faith in humanity. Maybe I was once guilty of this but what I realized (and what others should as well) is that for every spawn of Satan who takes hostage a bus full of people, are fifteen innocent others, those who were oppressed. It’s so easy to forget that these brutes are merely a very flagrant minority. I’d like to think that the rest of humanity is actually worthy of our better sentiments. Not that I’ve met the rest of humanity, but I’m going with Benedict Anderson’s imagined nation here, only I’m extending my affinity with the rest of humanity and not just those with whom I share the same color of passport.

I’m not trying to be inspiring, but if everyone ends up being misanthropes, then what future could we hope for for our race? This is just me fearing for my life. Heh.


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