The General Specific


Things you don’t need to know about me but I want to tell you anyway

A Political Economy major who has been wasting natural resources for almost nineteen years. Hobbies include: thinking in the shower, staring at the ceiling, stepping on crunchy leaves,  looking for shapes in cloud formations and people watching. Plus a bunch of nerdy stuff you’re better off not knowing.

I write for various reasons, but the most prominent one would be to get rid of the voices in my head narrating things as though I was situated smack dab in the middle of a storybook with a very annoying omniscient narrator. For future reference, I am unskilled in the art of paragraph transitioning and I like my sentences served in compound-complex form.

Do you love me yet?


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Look! Up in the sky!

This is the blog of a recovering misanthrope taking up a philanthropic course. I promise neither substance nor relevance. I have my head among the clouds and I do it for the kicks!

Oh right. Hi, I'm Kai.

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