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Plot it out in black & white.

Posted on: September 1, 2010

I’ve been feeling extra sentimental lately for reasons that haven’t been gracious enough to introduce themselves. I’ve always been retrospective, with an amazing ability to make myself feel worse with all my second-guessing, but this kind of sentimental is the cheesy kind and frankly, it’s disgusting me. I blame the hormones.

I’ve written lists of things I miss, listened to 90’s songs, read old letters and blog entries. Good word, when will this madness end?! Scrobble

See what I mean? My scrobbles say it all.

With this sentimentality in tow, I’ve been reflecting (what a word to use) on my life and I’ve decided that I’ve been taking time (among other things) for granted. It’s strange because I’ve long been impatient for the “real world” to come, the time when I could do whatever I want to do without being inhibited by parental (no offense, parents) and financial constraints, but then I figured, does such a time even exist? I’m thinking like a typical teenager.

I admit. I feel like I’ve already wasted too big a part of my life and that I’m running out of time, but I still don’t think I would want to live forever. It’s the urgency of things that makes life interesting, and when time ceases to hold any significance, how could you possibly take anything seriously?

With that, I’m making No Such Thing by John Mayer my anthem and claim that there’s no such thing as a real world, just a lie you gotta rise above.


1 Response to "Plot it out in black & white."

I love how I memorized your url. hahaha! i can easily check your blog! >:D< feel better please!

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